An easy “extra” craft project.

Often times kiddos finish their projects FAST, or there is just a lot of time left after a project. This is where the “extra” crafts projects come in. Luckily, I have armed myself with these extras to minimize mindless wandering, shenanigans, and high-energy dance contests in the studio. Today we did a project that is super fun and easy, and PERFECT to fill in some extra time while waiting for something else to dry. DIY STICKERS! They are super fun – and literally, all you need is: Paper, Markers or pens/pencils or both, clear packing tape, parchment paper, and scissors. THAT’S IT!!!

Step 1

I had each kid take a plain white piece of paper and trace a small round shape – to get 8 circles on the page. (A good size is about the size of a Ritz cracker. I use this reference in making projects OFTEN!) We used a baby plant pot to trace which was the perfect size.

Step 2

Now, with the circles drawn, each kid can fill each circle with little drawings of ANYTHING! I have this great Kawaii drawing book that I let them look at for references. (You can check it out by pressing that pink button down there). Their mini drawings were so adorable!

Step 3

Now, the coloring happens. Everyone colored in their mini circle drawings.

Step 4

Then, they cut each circle out. I am SO GLAD I finally ordered some leftie scissors! I don’t know what I was thinking NOT having some.

Kawaii cuteness!

The next part is a tiny bit challenging – but stay with me.

Step 5

Cut a piece of parchment paper that is about the same size as a regular sheet of paper – like 8.5 X 11. Put a few pieces of tape along the edge and tape it to the table.

Step 6

Take some strips of the packing tape and start laying them on the parchment – sticky side down. Make sure to overlap each one so that you have like 4 strips overlapping – one atop the other, horizontally.

Step 7

Take your colored paper circles and lay them down on top of the packing tape strips

Step 8

Now take 4 more strips of the packing tape and tape those the same way you did before – but this time lay them ON TOP of the colored paper circles. We’re almost there!

Step 9

Cut each circle out but make sure *and this is important* to leave a little edge around each one, about 1/8″.

Step 10

Now – peel the parchment paper off of the back and STICK YOUR STICKER ANYWHERE! I gave each kid a small notebook to keep theirs in.

I love this activity. It is great for a rainy day or just a “hey kids let’s do a fun craft project now” project.

If you make any, please make sure to tag me on Instagram @thecraftsalon. I love seeing what everyone is making out there!


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LOVE this 8 year old’s talent!
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