Halloween FUN!

It has been TOO LONG since I have blogged! I am BUSY y’all! But this project is SO CUTE and fun that I just had to share. If you’re anything like me you are getting SUPER EXCITED for Halloween and already making tons of decorations. This is really cute!


These bat wands are adorable and fun additions to any Halloween party or home decor.

Black acrylic yarn
Sharp pointed scissors
Cardboard, such as a cereal-box
Googly Eyes
black glitter foam sheets, non-glitter foam sheets or felt
Other colors of glitter foam sheets such as gold, orange, and white
Bat-wing template
12″ Wooden dowel
Pencil + pen or sharpie
assorted gems
Something round to trace, such as a drinking glass or roll of masking tape
Something round to trace smaller – such as a quarter or the cap of a water bottle
hot glue gun (adults only)!!!

First and foremost, if you don’t know how to make a pom-pom, watch this video! https://www.facebook.com/dari.litchman/videos/10158626196442518
For the pom pom you will need:
Black yarn
Cardboard or a pom pom maker
Pen or pencil
Drinking glass
Water bottle cap

After you have your nice big fluffy black pom pom, we can get started on the bat!

Print and cut out your bat template which is here:
bat template

Now, take your piece of black glitter foam and on the back of the foam, trace the bat template with pencil. The pencil will show up on the foam so you will be able to see it. Now cut it out.


Now flip the foam over to the glittery side and marvel at the sparkly-ness!


Next, have your adult put some hot glue right in the center circle, and quickly smoosh the pom pom right on top of the hot glue.


Now, you can start adding your accessories!
Cut out a small piece of orange, gold, or silver glitter foam about 3″ wide and 1.5″ tall.

Turn the foam over and again you are going to draw with pencil on the bottom making triangular points for a crown and cut them out like so…

Next have your adult hot glue the crown into a circle and then place it on the head of your bat! (put hot glue around the bottom rim of the crown and just hold it in place on the pom pom wherever you like it. We liked ours tilted to the side a bit)!



Get creative and add some gems to the wings and the crown. This bat queen (or king) is ALL THAT!

Now, get your googly eyes ready and hot glue them right on there! We also used a gem for the nose.

For the ears and fangs just cut little triangles out of white and black glitter foam and hot glue them on.

Next, take your wooden dowel and your ribbon and cut a piece of ribbon that’s twice as long as the dowel. Hot glue the ribbon to the top of the dowel and slowly wrap the ribbon all the way around the dowel to the bottom. It’s good to add a bit of hot glue in a few spots on the way down. You can get creative and wrap two colors of ribbon around the dowel – and create streamers by gluing strips of ribbon at the top of the dowel at the base of the pom pom.

Once you are done you can hot glue the top of the dowel and stick it into the center of the pom pom, holding it in place for a good 10 seconds. NOW YOU HAVE YOUR CUTE BAT WAND! What will you name it?

I named mine… wait for it… HALLOQUEENA!

Enjoy, have fun and feel free to reach out with any questions at dari@thecraftsalonstudio.com



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