Painted Tote Bags – fun for all ages!

I am super pumped about this project I did for littles a couple of weeks ago. It’s so simple, I wanted to share!

Supplies needed:
muslin tote bag
1″ paint brushes
watered down acrylic paints (I gave the kids each 6 colors, more if they asked for them)
cardboard pieces or stacked newspapers
painter’s tape
water dish
paper towels

I started by putting a piece of cardboard inside the tote to prevent any paint from leaking through to the back side. You could also use a few pieces of newspaper stacked instead.

Then I taped the tote down to the tabletop, using the painter’s tape to create a “window”.

I gave each kid 6 colors of paint in separate cups


I told each kid to go ahead and paint inside of their window, as colorfully as possible and filling up the whole window.  I talked to them about rinsing the brush off between each color, and dabbing their brush on the paper towels. Some got it, some didn’t. ;o)

When they were almost finished I gave out the pencils and told them they could make dots by dipping the pencil eraser in the paint and dotting the paint onto the tote.

When they were all happy with their painted designs, I let everything dry for a few minutes and then… the FUN PART! Each kid got to peel their tape away and reveal their awesome art-tote!

I also pre-made pom poms for them to hang on their bags because I am extra like that.

I think the paintings turned out AMAZINGLY – what do you think?


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